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See the moments that matter, more clearly with EyeDef®. Personalization makes all the difference in prescription lenses. With our signature line of EyeDef® lenses, you’ll experience the best quality vision and unbeatable visual comfort in lenses designed especially for your life and how you live it.

Our latest EyeDef® collection offers the most advanced lenses on the market today. We have options to meet your every need. From lenses created specifically to enhance your workspace, to lenses designed for driving, and everything in between, let our expert staff explain the benefits of living your life in EyeDef®.

Take your prescription lenses to the next level and ensure your best quality vision and comfort with our personalized options.

Never Miss a Moment with EyeDef® Lenses.

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EyeDef ScreenPro® lenses are designed specifically for computer use, giving you the clearest vision from near to medium range.

These lenses are designed with your workspace in mind. Giving you the clearest, sharpest vision over near to medium range. Utilizing the latest IOT Digital Ray-Path® 2 Technology, EyeDef ScreenPro® provides a wide field of vision, allowing you to view your work environment and entire keyboard clearly while minimizing eye and neck strain.

EyeDef DigiSmart® lenses are designed for those who spend most of their time on digital devices.

Say goodbye to eyestrain and experience total clarity on every screen with EyeDef DigiSmart®. These lenses are designed with every screen in mind. Leveraging the most advanced IOT Digital Ray-Path® 2 Technology to reduce eye fatigue assuring you get tired before your eyes do. This unique lens design is suitable for adults and children alike, making it the go-to option for anyone who spends most of their day on digital devices.

EyeDef Truview® is a single vision lens providing impeccable visual quality regardless of the prescription or type of frame.

Looking for total clarity wherever you are and for whatever you’re doing? EyeDef TruView® lenses will help you see the bigger picture. Inside. Outside. Online. Offline. EyeDef® is a superior single-vision lens, providing the highest quality edge-to-edge clarity in any environment.

EyeDef IntelliLens® is our top-of-the-line progressive. Using patented IOT Digital Ray-Path® 2 Technology, these lenses push the limits in clarity and personalization, providing superior vision at all distances, no matter the prescription or environment.

Progressive wearers prepare to experience a lens like no other. EyeDef IntelliLens® is completely customized to your eyes. Using patented IOT Digital Ray-Path® 2 Technology, these progressive lenses are personalized to provide superior vision for every prescription and every lifestyle, giving you unsurpassed clarity and comfort in any environment.

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