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Whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist, you know when it’s time to protect your eyes. From the durability needed for daily work to the clarity needed for sports and more, SVS Vision has safety glasses that will help you see the moments that matter most.

Safety starts … today.

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Choose from a variety of frames and lens enhancements,
with packages starting at only $99.98.

Features and Benefits

  • All protective eyewear meet ANSI standards.
  • Protects users from contracting airborne viruses or inadvertently touching their eyes.
  • Protects users from tree branches and exposure to unwanted debris from tools and machinery.
  • Prevents pollen, dirt, dust, chemicals, pesticides and other irritants from entering the eye.
  • Essential workers dealing with outdoor environments can benefit from photochromatic lenses, which aid in UV protection and reduce glare from the sun or snow.
  • An anti-reflective coating is also available to help prevent glare and enhance visual clarity when working with fluorescent lighting or computer screens.


Increase visual clarity by adding our photochromic or anti-reflective coatings.


Best overall photochromic performance in areas customers care about most — clarity indoors, darker outdoors, faster activation and fade back speed in hot or cold temperatures with a blue light filter and 100% UV protection.


“AR” coatings eliminate glare to allow more light to reach the eye for enhanced visual clarity in various conditions including sunlight, nighttime driving and fluorescent lights. The result is clearer, crisper vision, and a look which allows the world to see YOU — not your lenses. Anti-reflective coatings are highly recommended for everyone.

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